Patti Schermerhorn Contemporary Artist of Color...







Patti Schermerhorn

Patti Schermerhorn Contemporary Artist of Color...

San Antonio, TX


Art, just like Life, Should be colorful......Presenting a Collection of Colorful Series

Let me begin by telling you how very grateful I am that you are visiting my website. I hope that you enjoy viewing my artwork as much as I enjoy creating it. Here is a little quip about my art & me.....

Art Representation:
Art Incorporated / San Antonio Texas
Frame Gallery / San Antonio Texas
Latitude 28. 02 / Rockport Texas
Fetch & Friskers Boerne/Leon Springs Texas
Wine 101 / Bulverde & Helotes Texas
Texcetera/ Johnson City Texas
Dia Noche Designs / Denver Colorado
Bayer Designs / Houston Texas
Bed Bath & Beyond / Throughout the country
For my art work on illuminated canvas (which is beyond cool) and numerous other home good products
Platinum Puzzles for beautiful hand cut, custom wooden Jigsaw Puzzles/New Hampshire.

I create in a colorful & evolving Collection of Series. My unique mosaic style is vibrant in color and happy in tone. I use vivid color in all of my art pieces and believe that color truly sets a tone. I love creating happy art & I hope my art work will bring a smile to your heart.

I grew up in Panama and have lived in San Antonio for the past 3 decades. Both places are full of culture and color and this has truly been a big inspiration for creating my artwork. My Caribbean Series is inspired from my frequent travels there and I hope one day I can have the home that Art built on one of my favorite islands.

I have always maintained an art studio in my home & in 2007, due to health issues...I took a new path in life & I began following my life long dream to be a full time artist. I have always believed that my purpose in life is to touch people’s lives. Now I do this through my art work in the form of giving to many charities that touch my heart. It is my hope that it touches your heart and brings color into your life.

Commissions are always welcomed and I have two galleries that you can view that explain the process. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

My images do NOT belong to the public domain and may not be used for any purpose without my permission. All artwork in this portfolio are copyrighted and owned by the artist, Patti Schermerhorn. All rights reserved.

Each Day is a Gift from God & is a Blessing.....I choose to Live it in a state of Gratitude....


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